Instant Article Wizard 4

Instant Article Wizard 4 is an article creator and article generator created by Jonathan Ledger. It will help us to write article. You only need to insert keyword and Instant Article Wizard will generate article from various resources on internet, as long as the topic and keyword are suitable and available on internet.

By clicking one button only on Instant Article Wizard, you can collect and compile article content from various results, copy and paste it, or even you can edit it first to make unique. If you have no time or you’re lazy to edit it manually, Instant Article Wizard also has a built-in The Best Spinner (as long as you have The Best Spinner account) that automatically rewrites your compiled article.

Instant Article Wizard Pros

  • Create and Generate article with one click button. You only need to insert keyword, then Instant Article Wizard will gather all ready content that can be used directly as article or as your article writing material.
  • Instant Article Wizard gathers content from various resources such as Google Search, Google PDFs, Google DOCs, Microsoft Word files, content-rich articles, product reviews, Google Scholar and Google US Gov’t databases. With these resources, you can imagine how many article content resource you can use for article writing purpose.
  • Instant Article Wizard 4 is integrated with The Best Spinner API. With this feature, you can directly rewrite article without editing the content to make it unique in Google view.
  • Instant Article Wizard is also integrated with Copyscape. With one click only, it can check whether your article is unique against Copyscape or not in Google view. Even it will highlight the parts of the article that Copyscape considers “duplicate”.

Instant Article Wizard Cons

  • For some searching results of Instant Article Wizard, sometimes it produces only little content although you can get many contents when searching it manually via browser. But it’s not a big problem because there is in a little number and limited for Google search only. While if you search from other resources, you won’t find similar problem (at least when I try using it).

If you’re an internet marketer or running an online business with a lot of works that sometimes make you busy or having no time to write article, then Instant Article Wizard will be a good assistant for you. With this software, all of your writing problem will be easy now.

If you’re still doubt with Instant Article Wizard, you should try it yourself. There is a 7 days’ trial version with $7 price. Then you can get it for $77/year with 30 days’ money back guarantee for this software. So you don’t have to worry, you can try Instant Article Wizard 4 as article creator, article generator or as a resource to help you creating your article.