Llama Spin

Llama Spin, a new article spinner from Incansoft, is another alternative for article spinner besides The Best Spinner. If you need article spinner with cheap price, this software is good to go. You will like this Llama Spin because it works like The Best Spinner, started from its interface until some similar functions such as the thesaurus system, nested spinning, and many others.

Llama Spin Pros

  • Llama SpinOne click synonym replacement. Llama Spin automatically replaces the article synonym with one click button. You only need to paste your article and click the button, it will load the synonym itself. Even you can edit it yourself to choose your wanted synonym.
  • Automatic Spintax based on “My Favorites” and “Other User’s Favorites”. Like The Best Spinner, Llama Spin also has synonym database based on user’s favorites. Every time users add synonym when running Llama Spin, the synonym database also gets shared database of user suggested keywords/phrases.
  • Supports batch spintax. You can spin multiple articles and also publish one or multiple spun version of articles to your computer’s folder
  • Displays REAL percentage of difference between original and spun content.
  • Comes with affordable one-time payment. To me know, many article spinners have annual payment, but Llama Spin doesn’t. It’s the cheapest article spinner in the market with one-time payment for only $29.95 and free lifetime update.

Llama Spin Cons

  • Only has general quality of synonym words. There is no synonym quality control like The Best Spinner, but the spun article is still readable in general.
  • Has slow loading process. When you replace the synonym, Llama Spin needs to load the database from server and this process takes some minutes to finish. Sometimes if your internet connection is too slow, the software maybe get error or hang.

Llama Spin vs The Best Spinner

The differences between Llama Spin and The Best Spinner are in their loading speed, synonym database, and the quality control feature.

  1. Llama Spin has slower speed than The Best Spinner, so you need sometimes to wait for few minutes for the software loading the database from server. But if you have fast internet connection, the speed probably will be faster. Still, if we compare it with The Best Spinner, it has slower loading speed.
  2. Llama Spin is still new, that’s why the synonym database is less than The Best Spinner. But, as I wrote before, it has similar interface and functions, so the thesaurus database will grow continuously. More user use Llama Spin, more synonyms added into its database.
  3. Llama Spin still doesn’t have quality control feature. In The Best Spinner, you can set the quality of synonyms with good, better, or best quality for the automatic synonym replace, but in Llama Spin you can’t. If you compare Llama Spin and The Best Spinner quality, you can find that Llama Spin has lower quality spinner replacement (maybe for this time).

This Llama Spin also has simple interface and easy to use, so it’s nice for both advanced users and beginners. Overall, this spinner is worth especially for those who look for affordable article spinner but with good features.