Using A Narrative Paragraph In Your Writing

Using A Narrative Paragraph In Your Writing

Narratives are stories that demonstrate events which happened at a particular time and place.   You can use them within an article or an essay to relay information in a more colorful way.   They also tend to be more accessible, especially when discussing more complex concepts and ideas.

Most of the time, you will use narratives within an article to show anecdotes and examples.   They offer a better alternative to simply mentioning the event, as the added storytelling elements make it more vivid and memorable in the reader’s mind.  Think of it as the difference between watching a scene from a movie and reading the synopsis — they relay the same events, but the former is much more likely to make its mark.

When inserting a narrative into a piece, answer all the basic questions within its length. What happened?  When and where did it happen?  Who was involved?  How did it start?  What was the outcome?  Cover them, along with, of course, all the elements of the story relevant to the discussion.

When you devote an entire paragraph to a narrative, always begin it with a topic sentence just like any paragraph. The reader needs to be adequately prepared for whatever you’re about to discuss. Also, use dialogue when possible for important conversations — dramatizing passages help make them more memorable.

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