The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner is one of the best article spinner and content rewriter software created by Jon Leger, the greatest and most valuable tools ever that internet marketer must have. Jon Leger himself is known as the creator of popular software, Instant Article Wizard and Instant Article Factory. Why The Best Spinner software become the most popular? I don’t have to talk much; this spinner will talk itself. So here my pros and cons about this great software.

The Best Spinner Pros

  • The Best Spinner has its own built-in best synonym database of both sentence and words among the other spinners. At this time, The Best Spinner has more than 1 million synonym database. This number is always growing fast. Much more user use The Best Spinner, much more thesaurus added into the database, because every user will share their synonym to other Best Spinner users. Imagine if you use this synonym database to spin articles
  • One click replacement synonym. The Best Spinner is the first software which introduces one click synonym replacement. You can use your own synonym database or The Best Spinner’s database. One of its features that I think good is synonym level quality. The Best Spinner divides 3 levels of synonym quality – best (the smallest replacement level but with higher quality level of general synonym), better (middle level with medium quality), and good (lower quality synonym and more replacement). With this feature, you can control your spin quality.
  • Spelling checker feature that checks your article spinning result
  • Copyscape check built-in. You can directly check whether the spun article unique or not on copyscape without opening It will show you how many percent the unique of article is. With this feature, you can check a lot of unique readable articles.
  • Bulk Spinning. This feature will spin a lot of articles with one click only. It will make you easy to spin bulk articles.
  • The Best Spinner API integration. With this feature, The Best Spinner has been integrated with various softwares such as Blog Hatter and SEnuke, even with WordPress plugin such as WPRobot and Wp Spin. I’ve used all of them and everything’s running well with The Best Spinner API.

The Best Spinner Cons

  • It doesn’t classify synonym based on category. Even though it has synonym filter level to control the synonym quality, it’s better if The Best Spinner classify synonym based on category, because each synonym has different meaning if you place it on different context.

In my opinion (and also most of its users), The Best Spinner is the top resource in my marketing technique so far and it continuously increase my business in leaps and bounds. For all its features, it’s worth to have, isn’t it? If you have several business websites and need article re-writer for unique content, The Best Spinner is your first choice of content spinner.

If you’re interesting in The Best Spinner software, you can get it only $47/year instead of $77/year. Get The Best Spinner Special with 45% OFF now before the price increase.